Events for the 2019 Storytelling Scholars

Workshop I: Writing your Story

Saturday, February 23, 9am – 3pm

Workshop II: Crafting your Story 

Tuesday, March 26, 5-8pm     Plaza Library Truman Room

Workshop II: Crafting your Story for Digital Platforms

Wednesday, March 27, 5-8pm  Plaza Library Truman Room

Community Exhibition:

Saturday, April 6, 7-9pm RESERVE YOUR SEATS


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Past Events:


Workshop I: Saturday, February 24, 9am – 3pm

Workshop II: Tuesday, April 3, 5-8pm: Plaza Library (Truman Room)

Workshop II:  Wednesday, April 4, 5-8pm; Plaza Library (Truman Room)

Community Exhibition: Saturday, April 14, 7-9pm: Center for Spiritual Living (1014 W. 39th St)

Stories for Justice Summer Writing Labs: July 9-19, 9am – Noon


Tuesday, February 7 Kick-Off, 4:30-7:30pm, the Wordshop (2010 Baltimore)

Saturday, April 1  Workshop I, 8am – 3pm, Think Big  (1712 Main)

Saturday, April 22 Workshop II, 8am – 3pm, the Wordshop (2010 Baltimore)

Saturday, April 29, KC Storytellers Story Exhibition, 7-9pm, Gem Theatre