Events for the 2018 Storytelling Scholars

Workshop I: Writing your Story

Saturday, February 24, 9am – 3pm

Workshop II: Crafting your Story for Oral Performance

Tuesday, April 3, 5-8pm: Plaza Library (Truman Room)

Workshop II: Crafting your Story for Digital Platforms

Wednesday, April 4, 5-8pm; Plaza Library (Truman Room)

Community Exhibition: Now Hear This, Kansas City!

Saturday, April 14, 7-9pm: Center for Spiritual Living (1014 W. 39th St)


2018 Summer Writing Labs

Stories for Justice, July 9 -19, 9am – Noon

A two-week writing experience that helps high school students transform personal stories into civically engaged, public arguments. This camp connects students’ passions, their experiences, their stories to issues of community importance.  Students will play with digital storytelling, creative argument, and social justice writing in a supportive environment. Working alongside professional creatives and a dynamic group of young people, participants will hone argument writing skills and storytelling craft. Digital publishing and an Open Mic performance allow these stories for justice to meet a larger audience. Register here. 

Past Events: 2016 -2017

Tuesday, February 7 Kick-Off, 4:30-7:30pm, the Wordshop (2010 Baltimore)

Saturday, April 1  Workshop I, 8am – 3pm, Think Big  (1712 Main)

Saturday, April 22 Workshop II, 8am – 3pm, the Wordshop (2010 Baltimore)

Saturday, April 29, KC Storytellers Story Exhibition, 7-9pm, Gem Theatre