KC Storytellers Camps for High School

Students involved in or curious about programs like Louder than a Bomb, KC Storytellers, Scholastic Writing Awards are encouraged to attend. All camps offer supportive writing communities, quality feedback and publishing avenues.
Write and share stories to break down divisive barriers, like race, that divide us. Publish your work in a digital platform. Engage with feedback from your audience. Learn pro tips. Perform at Open Mic event. Engage our community. Change our world!

July 9 -19, Monday – Thursday, 9am – Noon20170207_165917

2.locations: St. Teresa’s Academy, UCM Lee’s Summit

Registration for 2018 Camps is closed.

Reviving the Art of Storytelling

We won’t be contained to a Tweet, or reduced to a Snapchat image. We won’t settle for stereotypes or be comfortable with injustice.

Instead, 30 of us from 16 different schools in the Kansas City region will come together and build a better community by crafting and sharing our stories.

We are the KC Storytellers Scholars. You should hear what we have to say.

Community Exhibition: Information TBA20170207_165917

Read about the KC Storytellers from a feature on Educator Innovators, and read about the other LRNG grants.

KC Storytellers Scholars

Students: You need a teacher-advisor who will nominate you. Then you complete an application. We can only accept 40 students city-wide. You’ll work with high school students from different schools, learn about the craft of storytelling, and share your story with our community. Read more here. 

Teachers: Nominate up to 5 students (though only 2 students per school will be admitted) now through December. The students you nominate should have stories to tell that our community should hear and should be open to experiencing the stories of other students from diverse backgrounds. As a nominating teacher you won’t attend workshops, but you agree to check-in with students during the program.

KC Artists: Send us a note through our Contact page if you are interested in working with the Scholars.

KC Community: SAVE THE DATE! Saturday, April 29, 7-9pm. Be a part of the Storytellers Exhibition. 

FAQs for Scholars


Have a story that our community should hear? Open to experiencing the stories of students from other schools? Want to be a part of the KC Storytellers Scholars team?

How do I get selected?

Ask a teacher to nominate you.They won’t come with you to the workshops, but they’ll be able to check in with you through the program.

What kind of stories will we share?

True stories that you’ve experienced. But the stories can be in different modes — like oral stories you speak in front of an audience or short films that include visuals. It’s your story so we’ll help you tell it like  you want to.

Will there be food? Will this be fun? 

Yes! (Well, usually, there is food. This year, we are virtual) And yes! Oh, and we will also provide each Scholar with a $50 stipend since you’ll be making our community better by sharing your story.

I’m in! What’s next?20180224_125139

If you have already lined up a teacher to be your advisor at school, then complete the application by  December 20, 2020. If you need help finding a teacher at your school to be your advisor, contact Katie at kkline@ucmo.edu. She can help.

Writing Outside the Walls

We want to help take student writing outside of classroom walls. Teachers create opportunities for personal writing and nominate students. Students craft and share their stories with a larger community. The community embraces and amplifies the stories of young people. 6577020529_557ebc604a


Teachers can nominate up to 5 students to be KCStoryteller Scholars. We select 40 students from diverse schools to become Scholars. They will learn craft of storytelling, work with professionals, and share their stories. 

We celebrate the stories from our community on Saturday, April 29, 2017, 7pm -9pm.