How It Works

6577020529_557ebc604aTeachers: Nominate up to 5 students (though only 2 students per school will be admitted) now through December. The students you nominate should have stories to tell that our community should hear and should definitely be open to experiencing the stories of other students from diverse backgrounds. As a nominating teacher you don’t need to attend workshops, but you do agree to check-in with students during the program.

Students: You need a teacher-advisor who will nominate you. Then you complete an application. We can only accept 30 students city-wide. You’ll work with high school students from different schools, learn about the craft of storytelling, and share your story with our community. Read more here. 

KC Artists: Send us a note through our Contact page if you are interested in working with the Scholars.

KC Community: Reserve Your Seats\ Saturday, April 4, 2020, 5-7pm. Be a part of the Storytellers Exhibition.

logoSponsored by the Greater Kansas City Writing Project.